​”Commerce” promotes 99 brands of jasmine rice with “Green Seal” to build confidence among buyers and importers

The Department of Foreign Trade joins hands with the Thai Rice Exporters Association. compile a list of manufacturers Rice brands that have received the Thai Jasmine Rice certification mark or the Green Seal to build confidence among buyers, importers and consumers in foreign countries. Verify that the seal is actually certified or not. Help prevent adulteration problems Recently, 38 applicants have applied for 99 brands, preparing to help promote countries that are important rice markets for Thailand, including the United States, China, Canada, Hong Kong and other countries.

Mr. Pitak Udomwichaiwat Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade revealed that the Department has cooperated with the Thai Rice Exporters Association. and Thai rice exporters compiling a list of exporters and Thai Hom Mali Rice brand or brands that Thailand produces and received the Thai Hom Mali Rice Certification Mark, also known as green seal To use to build confidence among buyers, importers and consumers of Thai jasmine rice abroad. to be able to verify that the brand of Thai jasmine rice available for sale Is it authentic Thai jasmine rice? And it will also help solve the problem of counterfeiting. Counterfeiting, which currently has 38 people requesting to participate in the project, totaling 99 marks.

However, in the first phase, it will be publicizing the information of the Thai Hom Mali Rice brand. on the website of the Department and publicized through commercial offices Overseas Trade Promotion Office Including Thai embassies in major jasmine rice importing countries such as the United States, China, Canada and Hong Kong, and in the future will develop into the application of the QR Code system. can check whether it is authentic Thai jasmine rice and is it really certified or not which can be examined through fingertips from a mobile phone or tablet 24 hours a day

“Such actions It not only builds confidence for manufacturers, exporters that have been certified. but also makes buyers, importers who want to buy Thai rice You can be confident that you have bought it. You won’t be disappointed. It’s authentic Thai jasmine rice. for consumers abroad to buy rice for consumption I can be sure that it’s genuine. Not artificial or adulterated, which will ultimately help strengthen export potential. as well as promoting and elevating the market for Thai jasmine rice, ”said Pitak.

for such action in accordance with the policy “Production Leading Market” by Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce which has been assigned to the Department of Foreign Trade is the main agency in driving the strategy of Thai rice 2020-2024 in terms of international marketing And to continue to build confidence in the value of Thai jasmine rice under the Thai jasmine rice certification mark.

Those who are interested in details of all 99 brands of Thai jasmine rice can visit through www.dft.go.th And if you want to know more about the Thai Hom Mali Rice certification mark, and standards for Thai jasmine rice Information can be tracked on the website. http://ocs.dft.go.th or ask for more information at hotline 1385 or direct line 0 2547 4746