‘Commerce’ aims to export rice in 2024 to exceed 7.5 million tons.

Commerce goes ahead and sells rice, piloting 1 million tons of G2G in Indonesia and another 1 million tons for the private sector, moving forward towards the goal for the whole year 2024 of exporting not less than 7.5 million tons, but not including the G2G total. “Bhoomtham” announced the new G2G Not selling cheap Please don’t cling to the old picture.

Jan. 17, 2023 – Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, revealed that in 2024, rice export targets were not lower than the 2023 target of 7.5 million tons and focused on increasing rice prices. It will continue to negotiate sales both state to state (G2G) and the private sector. In terms of rice sales with Indonesia, it was recently assigned to the Department of Foreign Trade. Negotiating the sale of 1 million tons of G2G and negotiating the private sale of another 1 million tons as agreed by the Rice Policy and Management Committee (NRCT) after Mr. Settha Prime Minister Thaweesin and Finance Minister negotiated the sale of rice to the Indonesian President earlier, on January 18-19, Department of Foreign Trade. Will travel to sell rice in Indonesia.

“In 2023, we expect to export 8.5 million tons of rice, higher than the target of 7.5 million tons, not including G2G. This year, we must accelerate the export market. It will begin piloting in the Indonesian market first. to the Department of Foreign Trade Go talk to Bluelock. The agency imports Indonesian rice first. Let’s look at the conditions. We will do G2G 1 million tons, private sector 1 million tons.”

Mr. Phumtham said that selling rice on a G2G basis is a concern that people will stick to the old image. that the government sells itself at a cheap price But I want you to look again. Because it has changed to the government sector taking the lead and the private sector following, with the government going to be a guarantee that if G2G is purchased There will definitely be rice delivered. The government is leading the negotiations. But the private sector is the supporter.