Thai rice doesn’t care about the contest stage. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms that customers still like it and expects exports to surge.

Reporters reported that A high-ranking source from the Ministry of Commerce Said at the World Rice Conference (2023 International IWRC) in Cebu, Philippines which is organized by The Rice Trader magazine and also holds a competition for the best rice in the world, The World’s Best Rice 2023, this year. The Thai Rice Exporters Association stated that Will not send any type of rice. Continuing the contest stage this year or maybe next year. I went because I saw that the group that organized the contest in the said arena recently The criteria for judging seem strange. In particular, the person who analyzed rice varieties was a person who was a chef and judged rice varieties. Each country’s rice varieties should have an analyst or researcher of rice varieties, better than a group of foodies, be the judge, causing Thai rice exporters to not submit them to the world rice competition this time.

However, even though Thailand will not send Thai rice varieties to the competition this year. This does not mean that Thai rice will stop developing new rice varieties as well. In the past, Thailand has prepared a strategic plan for Thai rice in the area of ​​continuous research and development. Until now, Thailand has 13 new rice varieties and 13 new varieties have been certified. The 12 varieties are considered soft rice varieties that will definitely meet the needs of consumers around the world. Especially after bringing soft rice varieties to roadshows in markets all over the world, many countries have increased their interest. Therefore, even though Thailand will not send Thai rice varieties to enter the world rice competition, But the taste of Thai rice is already well known to people around the world. Marketing Thai soft rice varieties will have an opportunity to enter the global market easily, which is now The Ministry of Commerce has prepared a plan with relevant government and private agencies to work together to accelerate the promotion of new rice varieties to be known to the world.

For the overall picture of Thai rice exports during the first 10 months of 2023 from (January – October), there was a total export volume of 6,922,649 tons. The volume of rice exports grew 11.4% compared to the same period last year, accounting for the value. 3,967.31 million US dollars (136,289.84 million baht), expanding 24.7%. The top 5 Thai rice export markets are 1. Indonesia 2. United States 3. South Africa 4. Iraq 5. China. It is expected that in 2023, Thai rice exports will exceed 7.5 million tons for sure

Mr. Chukiat Opasawong, Honorary President Thai Rice Exporters Association Clarifying the results of the world’s best rice competition, The World’s Best Rice 2023, at the World Rice Conference (2023 International IWRC), which Vietnam’s ST25 rice variety received the award for best rice in the world in 2023, said that this year Thailand did not send any type of rice to the competition. Because last year we saw some things that were not neutral. There were only 3 varieties of rice. The top 3 that made it to the final round were rice varieties from Cambodia. Rice varieties from India and rice varieties from Vietnam by rice varieties from Vietnam which was developed by Vietnamese private enterprises Received a unanimous vote from all chefs. It was able to beat about 30 rice varieties submitted to the contest from many countries.

Incidentally, during 2020-2021, Jasmine Rice 105 from Thailand received the award for best rice in the world for two years in a row, but in 2022, Phaka Lamduan Jasmine Rice of Cambodia was able to beat Jasmine Rice from Thailand. and won the 2022 World Rice Contest. In addition, in 2023 it was the second year that rice from Thailand did not win the World Rice Contest.