The delegation of Hong Kong rice importers visited Thailand It is expected to generate more than 2,700 million baht in sales of jasmine rice.

Commerce continues to accelerate the export of important Thai agricultural products such as jasmine rice. Raise a team of 34 major rice importers in Hong Kong to visit Thailand between 21 and 24 November 2022. The trading value of Thai jasmine rice is expected to be over 2,700 million baht.

On November 28, 2022, Mr. Kirati Ratchano, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce Revealed that it has continued to drive exports by using a strategy to push exports proactively, leading a group of Hong Kong rice importers to visit Thailand. and in-depth promotion of rice in Hong Kong

Including the promotion of Soft Power, along with a project to promote the image of Thai rice through famous restaurants in the Hong Kong market by famous celebrities and influential people (KOL) with the cooperation between the Department of Foreign Trade and the Department of International Trade Promotion. country Has implemented a project to strengthen relationships and campaign to raise awareness of the potential of Thai rice to expand the Thai rice market abroad.

By inviting a group of major rice importers from Hong Kong to travel to negotiate trade in Thailand. Including promoting and creating awareness of the Thai Green Rice Certification Mark (Thai Hom Mali Rice Certification Mark) to create awareness and confidence among Hong Kong people that the Thai rice logo on the packaging indicates that the rice has been packaged in Thailand. and can ensure a high standard of quality

Mr.Kenneth Chan, President of the Hong Kong Rice Merchants’ Association, met with Ms. Mallika Boonmeetrakul Mahasuk, member of the House of Representatives and former adviser to the Minister of Commerce. at the dinner reception of the Hong Kong chief executive with Thai businessmen And informed that the importing members who will travel to Thailand this time aim to strengthen relations and negotiate trade with Thai rice exporters. Initially, there will be a trading volume of 81,200 tons this time, with a trade value of at least 2,700 million baht.

Mrs. Chanaphat Pisalpipong, Director of the Office of International Trade Promotion in Hong Kong, said that due to the Hong Kong government relaxing measures to control COVID-19. And open to travel in and out of Hong Kong more conveniently. In addition, the Hong Kong Chief Executive (Mr. John Lee Ka Chiu) led a delegation of Hong Kong businessmen to visit Thailand during the APEC meeting.

Therefore, in order to expand the market share of Thai rice in Hong Kong. Therefore, it is an appropriate time to arrange a group of 34 Hong Kong rice importers to visit Thailand between 21 and 24 November 2022 to strengthen relations and negotiate rice trading business with Thai rice exporters. In particular, meetings and negotiations with Thai exporters and meetings with the Thai Rice Exporters Association (TREA) to exchange trade information and rice trading situations between each other.

It is expected that the rice trade situation in 2023 between Thailand and Hong Kong will continue to improve as Hong Kong has opened up to tourists and consumption will return to pre-Covid conditions. Hong Kong is a potential rice export market for Thailand. It is the fifth largest market with an export volume of 174,932 tons, worth US$ 158.04 million in 2021, and Hong Kong people consume New Crop jasmine rice, accounting for 80 percent, with an average rice consumption rate of 44. kg/person/year Hong Kong is the second largest importer of jasmine rice from Thailand after the United States. The important factors that affect the choice of rice are type, quality and taste.

Ms. Siribut Ungphakorn, Director of the Rice Trade Administration Division The Department of Foreign Trade said it had led a group of Hong Kong rice importers to visit and study rice production and processing in Ayutthaya Province. Including the Rice Science Center, Kasetsart University. to build confidence in the quality of Thai rice standards

Hong Kong rice importers have shown great interest in healthy rice, especially RD 43 (RD 43) rice, which is a soft white rice. There is a medium-low glycemic index and Riceberry rice that is suitable for consumers who want to take care of their health. The importer informed that the healthy rice market has the opportunity to grow continuously due to the trend of health care, making it possible to reach Hong Kong consumers with high purchasing power.