The Rice Association pointed out that this year’s exports were 7.5 million tons. There was no need to sell G-2G.

Mr. Chookiat Opaswong, Honorary President of the Thai Rice Exporters Association Revealed to the news agency I.N.N. that The situation of Thai rice exports continues to grow throughout the year, it is expected that exports will be at least 7.5 million tons.

which is in accordance with the goals set by the private sector Because the amount of rice production in the country is sufficient. The situation of the depreciating baht This makes competition between Thai exporters and competitors better. The amount of rice in the country now does not require a state-to-government or G-to-G sale.

It is also confident that Kirati Ratchano, the new permanent secretary of the Ministry of Commerce, will who is the former Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade will continue to drive the rice trade Continue the policy to push rice trade to new markets.

This will have a positive effect on the overall picture of the Thai rice market in the future. to be able to compete sustainably and is preferred by more partners by new potential markets this year It is expected to be the Iraqi market throughout the year, believed to be able to achieve 1 million tonnes from previously Iraq. Has slowed down the import of Thai rice for a while due to quality problems.