“Bhoomtham” orders sale of G2G rice. Bring income into the country”

Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Revealing the policy of giving work to the Department of Foreign Trade that Has ordered the department to expedite the preparation of a plan to promote exports. and plans to promote Thai rice abroad Because it's almost harvest season. In addition, India may soon lift the ban on white rice exports, so an export plan must be prepared. As for rice sales on a state-to-state basis (G2G) at present, the Department already sells on a G2G basis. Let's move on to selling. to bring income into the country But it must be done correctly, transparently and clearly.

“Selling rice on a G2G basis Ordered to move forward. Because it makes money and create benefits for the country But let's do it transparently and clearly. Don't let the past matter be an obstacle. or a restriction on trade.”

Reporters reported that in the past the Department of Foreign Trade has joined with the Thai Rice Exporters Association Continuously travel to roadshow Thai rice in many countries. Especially important Thai rice markets such as Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, etc., in order to strengthen relationships with buyers and importers, maintain the Thai rice market and expand Thai export opportunities. As a result, these importing countries Still importing Thai rice continuously

As for G2G rice sales, Thailand currently has a G2G rice trading contract with China that has more than 200,000 tons remaining to trade from a total of 1 million tons of sales contracts, and there are many other countries. Contact to buy G2G rice from Thailand again. However, the sale of G2G rice in the past Corruption problems have led to lawsuits being filed. and there are many people involved Politicians, government officials, and rice traders were sentenced to prison by the court. and compensate the state for damages.

For the case of India banning the export of white rice. Because of fear that the drought will cause domestic production to be insufficient for consumption. Recently, on October 18, 2023, India announced relaxation of permission to export white rice that is not Basmati rice, totaling 1.03 million tons, still 7 Countries directly requesting purchases include Nepal, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea, Seychelles, Malaysia and the Philippines. The Philippines received the largest allocation of 295,000 tons after August 2023. The Philippine government has petitioned the Indian government to allow rice exports to the Philippines on humanitarian grounds.

In the 8-month period (Jan.-Aug.) of 2023, Thailand exported 5.274 million tons of rice worth 100,369.7 million baht or 2,949.6 million dollars, with the volume increasing 10.4% and the value increasing 19.9% ​​from the same period. In 2022, 4.779 million tons were exported, valued at 83,733.1 million baht or 2,473.8 million dollars. It is expected that this year Thailand will export approximately 8.5 million tons.