Commerce goes to develop Thai rice, organizes authentic jasmine rice contest

Mr. Udom Srisomsong, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Internal Trade The Ministry of Commerce revealed that the judging panel for the Thai Hom Mali Rice Contest at the national level Considered the jasmine rice of the farmers participating in the contest. Which is cultivated in 2021/22 in the northeastern and northern 3 provinces (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phayao), which are important cultivation areas of Thailand

Which the Department of Internal Trade has organized for 40 consecutive years to encourage farmers who are determined to produce quality Thai Hom Mali Rice that is famous around the world for its softness, aroma and excellent taste. This year, there were 625 farmers interested in submitting rice samples to participate in the contest from all over the country. The decision is divided into 2 types, namely individual farmers. and farmers institute

In which the contest will be rigorously selected by the provincial committee. To send the most outstanding rice samples in each province to compete at the national level this time. A total of 94 participants in 15 provinces. The national competition committee sent rice samples to the Chamber of Commerce of Thailand to inspect the quality according to the export standards of the Ministry of Commerce. and board

which consists of the government sector (Ministry of Commerce And the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives) and the private sector (exporters, mills, bagged rice entrepreneurs) will look at the physical appearance, aroma and cooking taste. to select the most outstanding rice samples The winner will receive a total prize of 625,000 baht, along with a plaque from the Minister of Commerce.

In addition, the department has also organized a contest for the best quality rice packed in bags of Thailand. which is rice produced and sold using the trademark of a local mill To develop the rice milling process to meet the quality standards. This year, for the first time, the contest was added to the category of the mill category for farmers.

There are rice mills across the country sending rice samples in bags, including jasmine rice, Thai fragrant rice, soft ground rice, hard ground rice and long grain glutinous rice. A total of 113 samples were entered in the contest, where the contest committee would look at the physical characteristics and cook and taste to select the best rice samples. The winner will receive a certificate of honor. with the award plaque of the Minister of Commerce

Deputy Director General Department of Internal Trade also said This year’s contest found that rice samples Those who have passed the final round to judge at the national level have quality standards. It shows that farmers have continuously improved the quality of rice cultivation. In addition to the winning farmers receiving prizes, the Department will have an extension by providing more distribution channels.

Including supporting the mill to establish a sanitary standard system GHP and HACCP in order to raise the level of Thai rice production to international quality standards, in line with the policy of focusing on improving the quality of Thai rice to meet the market demand. both domestically and internationally according to the Thai Rice Strategic Plan 2020-2024