Thai rice sells well as commerce increases export target

Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, revealed the situation of Thailand’s rice exports. This year it is expected to export rice more than the target of 7 million tons at the Department of Foreign Trade. and Thai rice exporters have jointly set which may be exported up to 7-8 million tons, during the 7 months (Jan.-Jul.) this year, more than 4 million tons have been exported, generating income to the country of 71,105 million baht. A lot can be issued, such as Iraq, Mozambique, the Philippines, Senegal and Japan.

Reporters reported that Recently, the Department of Foreign Trade Discussed with the Thai Rice Exporters Association about the situation of Thailand’s rice exports this year And has increased the rice export target in 2022 to 7.5 million tons, an increase from the original target of 7 million tons and an increase from 2021 that exports were 6.11 million tons.

for the reasons for increasing exports This was partly driven by rice exports to Iraq. The most recent increase in the first 6 months (Jan.-Jun.) this year, Thailand has exported at least 660,000 tons, an increase of 429.30% after Mr. Jurin revives the policy of the Department of Foreign Trade. Iraqi market used to be a big market in Thailand And imported from Thailand close to 1 million tons per year, but in the past several years imports dropped a lot until almost not imported at all due to quality problems that do not meet the agreement Including a policy that emphasizes exporters selling more directly to Iraqi buyers. From the current selling through foreign traders.