“Commerce” organizes activities to promote Thai rice at the famous fairs Biofach and Gulfood

The Department of Foreign Trade organized a delegation to promote Thai rice. At two world-class international exhibitions, Biofach 2023 in Germany and Gulfood 2023 in Dubai, we hope to introduce Thai organic rice. Thai Jasmine Rice and specialty rice Confidence in making Thai rice more well-known And can be exported to the EU and Middle East markets more

Mrs. Manatnit Jirawat, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade, revealed that the Department has arranged a delegation to travel to world-class international trade shows in 2 regions. The world’s largest international organic produce Held annually in Nuremberg, Germany. Between 14-17 February 2023, the Department will organize an exhibition to educate about Thai organic rice. Exhibit examples of Thai organic rice products such as organic Thai jasmine rice. and organic riceberry rice, etc., and also brought organic rice entrepreneurs and Thai organic rice products to showcase product samples such as organic rice flour organic rice drink and crispy pastries made from organic rice. Including business negotiations with rice importers at the event

The department is confident that it will help expand the Thai organic rice market into the European Union market. Because the European Union is the world’s largest market for organic products and organic rice in Thailand. because there is a group of potential consumers love and care about health Interested in gluten-free products (Gluten Free) Pay attention to the impact on the environment. and has a tendency to grow continuously. In 2022 Thailand exported 8,740 tons of organic rice to the EU, an increase from 7,343 tons in 2021, or an increase of 19%. Thai

The other will join the 28th Gulfood 2023, the Middle East’s largest food and beverage trade show. Held annually in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Between 20-24 February 2023, the Department will organize an exhibition to educate about the diversity of Thai rice. along with the Thai Hom Mali Rice certification mark and exhibited examples of various types of Thai rice such as Thai jasmine rice, white rice and parboiled rice, etc., including rice with special characteristics such as riceberry rice, Sangyod rice and RD 43 rice, etc., along with a demonstration of Thai rice cooking and giving out to visitors inside the booth of the Department. Got to try it with Thai food as well.

For the Middle East region It is an important rice export market for Thailand, accounting for 26% of total Thai rice exports. The top 5 countries in the Middle East that Thailand exports to are Iraq, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Turkey and Oman. In 2022, Thailand exported 2.02 million tons of rice to the Middle East, an increase from 2021 at The export volume was 0.63 million tons, or an increase of 220%, most of which were exports of white rice, followed by Thai Hom Mali rice.

“Participating in BIOFACH 2023 and Gulfood 2023 where food and beverage entrepreneurs come to exhibit and meet and negotiate business between each other. This is an opportunity and a good channel for the Department. To promote Thai rice to importers and consumers abroad to recognize, remember and have confidence in the quality, standard and safety of Thai rice. This will help maintain market share and increase the purchase of Thai rice and Thai rice products in the European Union and the Middle East. world-class in other regions as well,” said Mrs. Manatnit.