Thai rice exports in January jumped 800,000 tons after continuous orders rose more than 14 billion.

The Department of Foreign Trade reveals that Thai rice exports in January 2023 jumped over 800,000 tons, an increase of 75.20%, a value of more than 14 billion baht, an increase of 78.76%, as a result of continuous delivery from the end of the year when the baht weakened, resulting in purchase orders. continuous entry And there is still demand from buyers from many countries, confident that this year’s exports will meet the target of 7.5 million tons, indicating that exporters are worried about the baht. reason affecting the price export of cassava products decrease in both quantity and value because there are no items for sale despite the surge in demand

Mr Ron Ron Poonphiphat, Director-General of the Department of Foreign Trade, revealed that in January 2023 Thailand exported 805,518 tons of rice, worth 14,277.39 million baht, with volume and value increasing by 75.20% and 78.76% respectively compared to January 2022. which can be exported in volume of 459,773 tons, worth 7,956 million baht as a result of deliveries that continue due to the end of 2022, together with the end of the year Baht depreciation This makes the price of Thai rice competitive with competitors’ rice. This resulted in a large volume of orders towards the end of the year.

Benefits were also received from Indonesia, Bangladesh and Iraq, as well as several countries in the Middle East. There is an increasing demand for Thai rice imports. As a result, in 2022, Thailand exported rice to the Middle East up to 2.3 million tons, a 26% increase from 2021 when it exported only 630,000 tons, with Iraq being the number one importer in the year. Thai rice to the Middle East can still grow. As for Thai rice exports to the world in February 2023 still have to closely monitor the value of the baht because of the baht This is something that exporters are very worried about. which affects the price of Thai rice compared to competitors which at the end of the year The baht is very weak but came back to appreciate at the beginning of the year making the price of Thai rice more expensive than competitors

The latest price of Thai rice FOB 5% white rice is at 470 USD per tonne, Vietnam at 465 USD per tonne, Pakistan at 490 USD per tonne and India at 435 USD per tonne. As for Thai jasmine rice, 825 USD per tonne. Fragrant Rice Vietnam 560 USD/tonne India 1250 USD/tonne and Thai parboiled rice at US$ 475 per tonne, Pakistani US$ 515 per tonne and India at US$ 385 per tonne.

“It is expected that Thai rice exports throughout the year There is still a chance to expand according to the target set at 7.5 million tons because the Department and the Ministry of Commerce. Continue to market Thai rice abroad continuously. especially the introduction of Thai rice Participated in international food fairs in Japan, Australia, China, United Arab Emirates, Germany to introduce Thai rice. Including encouraging the private sector to participate in the auction of rice imports from various countries. Recently, Japan recently opened an auction to import white rice, South Korea opened an auction to import brown rice. Thai organic rice Many countries are interested, with important markets such as the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, etc. It is expected that organic rice exports will be close to the year 2022 at about 21,000 tons worth about 1,000 million baht, ”said Mr. Ronnarong.

As for the export of cassava products in January 2023, Thailand exported cassava products such as cassava chips, cassava seeds, and starch to the world, amounting to 932,973.75 tons, worth 11,554.94 million baht. The volume and value decreased by 4.75% and 4.03% respectively from January. July 2022 that can be exported 979,462.14 tons worth 12,039.73 million baht because Thai production has decreased from the previous year. Due to epidemic problems and weather conditions caused by floods and droughts at the end of the year, but still expected that this year Thailand will export cassava products according to the target of 9 million tons, down from the year 2022 that exported 11.8 million tons because of productivity This year decreased from last year. Although the demand for purchases from all over the world is still high. Both used to make alcohol and animal feed to replace other grains that are lacking. and expensive due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine that still exists